Decking and Patios

There are hundreds of reasons why adding a deck or patio to your home is a great idea. For starters they add additional living space, beautify your yard, and add value to your home. But before you go shopping for the materials to build your deck or patio, there are four things that need to be considered; price, aesthetic, lifestyle and maintenance. If you take the time to think about each of these components before you start shopping, the process of building your deck or patio will unfold smoothly. Remember: the key to a successful project is always a good plan. Our professional team at Aim Cedar Works will assist you from beginning to end of your project.

Pressure-Treated Wood Deck

The majority of decks built in Canada are constructed from pressure-treated wood because it's typically the most affordable option. Unfortunately, pressure treating wood doesn't make it completely resistant to moisture, which means that you'll have to apply a water repellent to your deck on an annual basis in order to protect against moisture damage.

ProGuard Preserved Wood products are designed for outdoor construction. They use the NatureWood preservative system, the main active ingredient of which is copper. Copper, a naturally occurring mineral, is an effective and widely used fungicide. In NatureWood, it is coupled with a quaternary compound or "quat" for enhanced performance against copper-tolerant fungi and termites. Quats are commonly used in household disinfectants and cleaners. ProGuard products have proven around the world to reduce demands on forest resources by greatly extending the life of wood.


Decks made of pressure-treated wood can last up to years. To maintain your deck, wash it annually with a detergent to remove dirt, moss, algae and mould. A pressure washer is also a fast and easy way to clean your deck.
Once your deck has completely dried, apply a clear sealant. This will help to prevent against splintering and discolouration caused by moisture.

Western Cedar Deck

Cedar has a lot of appealing qualities. For starters it possesses an oil preservative that makes it naturally resistant to decay and insect damage. Secondly, its beautiful grain, texture and colour make it an easy choice for one of the most aesthetically pleasing decking material. Overall, decks made of cedar wood look great and age well. But as with all great products, cedar is typically more expensive than pressure-treated wood.


To maintain your cedar deck, wash it annually with a mild detergent and water.
Never use a pressure washer on your cedar deck. Although cedar is durable, it's still a softwood and can be damaged by a pressure washer.

Premium Composite Deck

At Aim Cedar Works (Authorized service provider) of Home Depot we carry composite lumber derived from a combination of natural wood fibres and durable resin. Designed to resemble real wood; composite decking and fencing won't splinter, crack, warp or rot.
Composite Decking features realistic wood-grain patterns, and its brushed or embossed textures give each board a rustic look that's often missing from the uniform and repetitive finish of other decking products. As if that isn't enough, composite lumber comes in a selection of colours.


Cleaning your composite deck and fence will require detergent, a sponge and a garden hose. A pressure washer can be used to clean your deck but it's important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines. If the pressure washer settings are too strong or the washer is too close to the boards, there is a chance you could actually remove the colour from your deck.


Duradek Waterproof
Vinyl Flooring and
Roofing Membrane

The waterproof vinyl roof & walking deck membrane system that gives you so much more.
Duradek is the original sheet vinyl membrane for waterproofing decks and balconies, was developed to solve leak problems over 35 years ago.
All Duradek sheet vinyl is designed for strength, stability and slip-resistance.

  • Permanent waterproof protection
  • For sundecks, roof decks, balconies & other areas
  • Available in many stylish colours, patterns & textures
  • Industry-leading 10-Year Warranty

Paving Stone Patio, walkways and retaining walls

Today people are looking for ways to get more out of life. They want to enjoy the good times, surrounded by luxury in a warm and attractive setting, all while reducing the amount of time spent on maintenance.
Paving slabs, pavers and retaining walls are ideally suited for this modern lifestyle. In addition to their durability and resistance to the elements, these products provide a luxurious look and are practically