·  About Eco Rubber Paving ·

  We are committed to providing homeowners with a green alternative to paving and resurfacing driveways, playgrounds and pool decks. Our dedicated and expertly trained staff use recycled rubber to create an environmentally-friendly and durable surface. Available in several attractive colours,  Eco Paving product is not only visually pleasing but is also a slip-resistant, and safe solution. With our outstanding service, 5-year warranty and excellent rates,  Our Eco Paving product is the leading choice for all your paving needs.

·  The Benefits ·

 Eco Friendly *Crack Resistant *No Maintenance *Non-Slip Surface *Maintains Beauty *Extremely Durable *Available in Several Colors *5 Year Protection Warranty *Able to Resurface Concrete/Asphalt What Is Rubber Paving Rubber paving solution is made of recycled rubber crumb that is combined with several additional elements to create an extremely durable and weather-resistant paving options for driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks and playgrounds. Rubber paving will eliminate unsightly cracks in asphalt or concrete and can be applied over any surface. On average, rubber paving costs 10 to 20 percent less than traditional concrete.

Rubber Paving Pool Deck  Eco rubber paving solution is the perfect choice for pool decks. The resilient, non-slip surface allows you to rest assured your family will be safe while they enjoy some fun in the sun. Our rubber paving expands and contracts with temperature changes so it will not crack. Unlike concrete, the soft and shock-absorbent surface will ensure maximum safety should someone slip and fall by the pool.

Driveways We offer attractive and environmentally-friendly driveway options for your home. Professionally installed over a new or existing surface, our recycled rubber paving will add instant value to your house, building or apartment. Rubber paving has a very long lifespan, so you can reap the benefits for many years to come. And, with such an earth friendly solution you can feel good about helping the environment by choosing a green technology · 

Play Ground Safety Surface Rubber paving is a safe and affordable choice for playgrounds in elementary schools, daycares, community centers and even your own backyard. The durable and slip-resistant surface will withstand years of jumping, swinging and running, and allow your kids to play safely, even after a rain shower. Our large colour selection allows you to create a playground that is bright and attractive to patrons of all ages.

·  5 Year Warranty ·  We stand behind our product, and offer a 5 year protection warranty. Our unique surface has the ability to expand, and contract to accommodate for ground movements, and the freeze/thaw cycles. This unique ability minimizes cracking which is commonly found in concrete, and asphalt applications. Our rubber paving will maintain its beauty for years to come, and will surely be the talk of your neighbourhood. Download the brochure here